AR and VR Pro

Beginner or not, this course is guaranteed to make you a google certified User Experience Designer

About The Course

Everywhere virtual development is booming and taking students to obtain it’s higher education. When Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) change our way of shopping, playing games and building military strategies, etc. With the growing demand of employers and students who strive to deliver the best experiments to change the outlook of our daily lives. We welcome everyone to experience and learn this amazing skill to change the way people experience or build their products.

Why choose a career in AR/VR?

With a career in AR/VR you’re surely ready to be that next-gen:

  • According to In the coming years, particularly as a consequence of the development of apps for virtual reality (we are talking of a rise of more than 3,000 percent!), the VR market is set to expand at a very fast rate.
  • The rise in this area would certainly be at a level of warping, with Generation Z participants (the generation that arrives after millennia) next in line to join the workplace (Gen Z leaders were increased in this period of experience).
  • Jobs are only rising in this high-tech industry, and this is no myth!

What You'll Learn?

Get prepared to dip your toes into an ocean of concepts and ideas that will enlighten your perspective on the augmented and virtual reality.

  • Prepare to use industry-standard tools like game engines and source development kits, making sure you have the right business skills.
  • Take the opportunity to contribute to actual interactive and augmented reality research and development in a number of group projects.
  • You have the opportunity to improve your thinking with the best resources to get your dream project off the ground.
  • Get the newest consumer peripherals, including Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, along with devices including brainwave controllers, heart monitors and facial recognition technologies widely used in VR / AR study.

Tools Covered

Who should take AR/VR?

AR/VR is not meant for everyone, it is must-have prior experience of the following topics to excel well in this course :

Deep knowledge of social/web-based content, User Experience (UX) Mobile Design, D Modelling for Native App Development, Computer Vision, Marker Detection, Knowledge of Mobile Programming (such as iOS and Android), Low-Level Programming-Language Knowledge (C#, C++, JavaScript, etc.), Knowledge of Relevant Software Development Kits (SDKs), Software Engineering, Sound knowledge of 3-D tools, Knowledge of platform-specific SDKs, Sound knowledge of design, Good understanding of VR user interface (UI)/User Experience (UX).

Course Highlights

01 Intro to AR and VR
02 AR functionality basics
03 Context and Technology
04 AR Development
05 Research Design
06 Internet of Things
07 360 Degree Film Techniques
08 AR and VR Audio
09 Interaction Design
10 Mobile App with AR/VR
11 Final Project Case Study
12 Job Assistance

Why Choose Us?

At Designient, it’s a four months part-time professional course, Turn the curriculum vitae of yours from the ground up. Our flexible learning plan for AR/VR helps you to learn with ease all major development tools that are currently used in the industry.

The graduates who take an offline class are granted a short-term degree for this course with an examination certified by Google.