Designient offers wide range of design courses with practical curriculum led by professional mentors

UX Design Pro

The course of 2 Months short-term User Experience (UX) Design course is built for professionals involved in digital design, web development and improving the user experience of their product.

UX Design Master

Build a career in UX by getting an advanced Diploma of 6 Months duration certified by Google and help users get the best experiences possible from your digital product.

UI Design Pro

Course that covers all extensive methods to obtain an aesthetically promising UI Design 2 Months duration short-term course where you enhance your UI Design techniques and help you get to the next level.

UI Design Master

Learn to design appealing aesthetics and easy functionality for varied digital applications, and seek the most in-demand career and get an advance 6 Months duration Diploma certification.

UX/UI Design Pro

Learn current trends and best practices in UI and UX, and apply them to form effective, compelling and user-friendly designs for websites and mobile apps with Adobe Certification in 4 Months.

Graphic Design Pro

This 4 Months duration Graphic Design course is to help you understand the core principles of branding and best-in-class illustrations and animations to make you the best in the field.