UI Design Pro

Beginner or not, this course is guaranteed to make you Adobe certified User Interface Designer

About The Course

During this course, you’ll learn and understand industry-standard principles and techniques for developing successful user interfaces (UIs). Upon finishing this course, you will have a clear understanding of user research, prototyping and evaluation techniques, and their importance. You’ll also have demonstrated this fluency through in-depth practical sessions to create intuitive interfaces that expedite good user experiences.

Why choose a career in UI design?

  • As UX Designers: You can present designs as beautiful mockups that your coworkers will rally around. You can work with user interfaces from concept to pixel-perfection to make your portfolio stands light-years ahead of your peers.
  • As Developers: You can spiff up your side-projects interface, instead of finding/hiring a designer. You can translate designs to code with minimum hassle because you understand aesthetic underpinnings.
  • As Product Manager: You can build amazing mockups for pitching new features and flows. You can work alongside your designers, and contribute spot-on feedback for an excellent product.
  • As Entrepreneurs: Like it or not, an excellent presentation for your ideas matters. You can be a big-league if your marketing website, your app or even your pitch deck is eventually backed with a solid foundation in a design that will help communicate and lead better.
  • As Print Designers: More and more design work shifts to digital every day. You have got to learn the ropes, figure out this whole “responsive” business, and practically re-build your portfolio to keep working in the field you admire.

What You'll Learn?

Get prepared to dip your toes into an ocean of concepts and ideas that will enlighten your perspective on the design experience.

  • Learn the anatomy of a typeface and gain critical insights on how to select and pair fonts that match the aesthetic of your design.
  • Understand the different fundamentals of print and screen design.
  • Explore the means of establishing brand colors, and keeping them consistent in all designs.
  • Apply a widely used tool in the industry- Sketch, to design with layers, libraries, and grids. Plugins created to maximize workflow will be included to help you create beautiful interfaces.
  • Use AfterEffects, add motion and micro-interactions to design elements that bring your screens to life.
  • Create attractive end-to-end experiences by linking screens together into a prototype. By the end of the course, you will mimic a real website or app.

Tools Covered

Who should take UI design course?

Everyone’s reason to learn UI design is different. Yet, the UI design course is suitable for everyone. Let be a beginner with no previous experience or those who have already started exploring UX & UI design and want to spruce up their UI developer skills, UI design is a great fit for anyone.

Course Highlights

01 UI Intro
02 UI Resources & Project Plans
03 Icon Design
04 Brand Psychology
05 Human Interface & Material Guidelines
06 Alignment,Spacing,Consistency
07 Photography & Imagery
08 Responsive & Adaptive Design
09 Visual Prototyping
10 Web UI Techniques
11 Project Presentations
12 Freelance & Job Assistance

Course Benefits

• Job assistance – Mock interviews, Interview techniques, Resume building, Placement options, etc to prep our students for their career. We schedule our students for interviews with at around 6 companies with respect to their profile and the available job openings.

• Intensive Portfolio building assistance for iOS, iPadOS and Android on Behance and Dribbble shot.

• Gain practical experience by making one unique concept of your own, during the course which will be discussed with the whole batch in a brainstorm session.

• Learn all the latest tools applicable to your course.

• Get a certificate of completion from us which can be verified online on our website.

• Lifetime support from any of our mentors for any query you may have throughout your career.

• A limited online or offline batch of up to 10 students only. This is how we maintain an international quality standard while providing sufficient individual attention to each of our students.

• Every single class is recorded live enabling you to keep track of all your classes easily. It also enables online members to connect with offline batch virtually in real-time.

Why Choose Us?

At Designient, it’s a two months part-time course, tailored for individuals who believe in designing their future.

Our practical, hands-on courses are led by industry-certified mentors that offer the best UI courses in Bangalore and Hyderabad with extensive real-world experience in UI and its complexities. Challenge yourself to enhance your potential and learn in-demand skills with immersive learning experience with us to embark on a new career path as a product or UI designer.