UX/UI Design Pro

Take a road to kickstart or boost your career as UI/UX designer with Adobe certification

About The Course

UI/UX is a forthcoming design specialization that’s building loads of interest in relation to the dynamic world. Since a lot of products and more businesses are trying to thrive, UI/UX became the savior for them, UI/UX is quickly turning up to be a popular choice of career in design specialization.

An aesthetically great looking design can’t save an interface that’s messy and hard to understand, and a thoroughly researched user experience can also go to a bin if its visuals are bad which makes the product usage unsatisfied. Both UI and UX designs need to be well attempted to sync well with user expectancies to create an outstanding UI/UX.

Why choose a career in UX/UI design?

With a career in UX/UI design you’re surely bestowed with various techniques that include:

  • The ever-developing technology industry has delivered these methodologies: design thinking, agile management, and adaptive management. And you are a key component of any high-quality development team. Their mastery allows users and stakeholders to create innovative solutions.
  • Learn to use cutting edge and modern tools with the skills you will have learned during our course from the start to the end of every project. You can log business needs, enter user information and align them with technical constraints. And, above all, the operation of your cooperative ventures will be optimized.
  • Let your designs work by mastering basic UI/UX skills for the real world. Understand the desires of the users when operating within the constraints and goals of your project. Build confidence through the exchange of knowledge and awareness of the entire project in your cooperation with developers.

What You'll Learn?

Get prepared to dip your toes into an ocean of concepts and ideas that will enlighten your perspective on the human-computer interaction experience with out-of-the-box-original outlook.

  • Learn all the skills, resources and processes needed to develop your UI/UX Design
  • Learn how to come up with fresh ideas and implement them as a team with the help your batch and mentor.
  • Create impressive projects for your portfolio in real-time.
  • Get end-to-end product development process practically with job assistance.
  • Get Adobe certification with a distinctive score in an examination conducted post your course.

Tools Covered

Who should take UX/UI design course?

User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI) is meant for everyone, whether you’re completely a beginner or working professional like a graphic or web designer, or web developer or none at all.

People in strategic client-facing roles, like project/product managers, strategists and consultants are also a great fit for this course.

Course Highlights

01 Intro to UX/UI
02 UCD & HCD, Design Thinking basics
03 Affordance, Metaphors and Signifiers
04 Personas and Mental Models
05 Empathy Mapping and Information Architecture
06 Human Interface Guidelines
07 Paper, Lo-fidelity Wireframes
08 Color Psychology and Typography
09 Adobe XD, Figma or Studio (Hi-Fidelity)
10 Icon Editing (Illustrator)
11 Visual Design iOS
12 Material Guidelines
13 iOS to Android
14 Prototyping (Figma or InVision App) with Advance animations
15 Usability Testing & Heuristics Analysis
16 Design Presentations
17 Portfolio Assistance
18 Freelance or Job Assistance

Course Benefits

• Job assistance – Mock interviews, Interview techniques, Resume building, Placement options, etc to prep our students for their career. We schedule our students for interviews with at around 10 to 14 companies with respect to their profile and the available job openings.

• Intensive Portfolio building assistance for Behance, Dribbble (shots) lndieFolio and tips to build your website.

• Gain practical experience by making two concepts of your own, during the course which will be discussed with the whole batch in a brainstorm session.

• Learn all the latest tools applicable to your course.

• Get certified by Adobe after writing an exam conducted post your course and also get a certificate of completion from us which can be verified online on our website.

• Lifetime support from any of our mentors for any query you may have throughout your career.

• A limited online or offline batch of up to 14 students only. This is how we maintain an international quality standard while providing sufficient individual attention to each of our students.

• Every single class is recorded live enabling you to keep track of all your classes easily. It also enables online members to connect with offline batch virtually in real-time.

Why Choose Us?

At Designient, it’s a four months professional course, tailored for individuals who believe in design thinking as a key to ensure innovations are reshaping technology and user experience that affects real change in the world around us.

Our practical, hands-on courses are led by Adobe-certified mentors that offer the best UI/UX design courses in Bangalore and Hyderabad with extensive real-world experience in UX and its complexities. Challenge yourself to enhance your potential and learn in-demand skills with immersive learning experience with us to embark on a new career path as UI/UX designer.