A 3 months course personalized for individuals seeking to make a mark in the Digital/Print Design industry, the Titan course sets you up for a long and deeply satisfying career.

Here you’ll learn the length and breadth of Design Logic, Logo Design techniques, Color Theory, the essentials of Typography, T-shirt designing, Brand Identity and other exciting subjects.

01. Introduction

02. Designers Vs Client

03. Brand Identity

04. Practical On Building Logo Concepts

05. Color Theory & Pscyhology

06. Golden Ratio & Sketching

07. Illustrator Basics

08. Photoshop Basics

09. Photo Manipulation Techniques

10. Brushes, Strokes and Swatches

11. InDesign Basics

12. Magazine Design

13. Content Distribution

14. Magzine Design Exercises

15. Premiere Pro (Video Editing)

16. Corel Draw Graphic Suite 2018

17. Letterheads, Mugs, Business Cards etc

18. Facing Reality

19. Interview Questions

20. Freelance Tips As Graphic Designer

01. CorelDraw Suite 2018

02. Adobe InDesign

03. Adobe Illustrator

04. Adobe Premiere