Digital Marketing Basic

Learn skills to market digitally real time with live projects.

About The Course

Digital marketing has a variety of techniques to boost millions of followers and increase profits. A digital marketer is ultimately responsible for promoting business, brand, selling, and acquisition, growing consumers and gaining market share and so on. Online marketing is conducted on social media, e-mail, web, search, analytics and Search Adwords channels. In the promotion of every platform, company, and research, digital marketing is the best marketing practice with successful marketing strategies for google analytics. Google AdWords, Facebook, Pinterest, and all other social media platforms.

Why choose a career in Digital Marketing?

With a career in Digital Marketing you’re surely bagged with various benefits that include:

  • All types of degree holders can pursue Digital Marketing Basic.
  • For more than 5 years digital marketing has been there and is now in demand due to the increased use of digital platforms.
  • Digital marketing is important for a start-up business, companies and all leading organizations that strive to make online platforms the spotlight.
  • Throughout India and other countries with enticing pay packages, online marketing workers have a greater scope.

What You'll Learn?

Get prepared to dip your toes into an ocean of concepts and ideas that will enlighten your perspective on how to market digitally

  • Develop a thorough knowledge of leading digital marketing functions such as inbound commercialization, paid marketing, marketing in social media and web analytics.
  • Command the organization’s digital marketing departments and digital marketing programs.
  • Learn how digital markets work together and how you maximize each other’s use.
  • Know how to organize, handle and conduct coordinated multi-channel strategies.

Who should take Digital Marketing Basic?

Digital Marketing is meant for everyone, whether you’re completely a beginner or a working professional or a businessman this role can define your career with great pay.

The best option for highly paid jobs in the IT sector is digital marketing.

Course Highlights

01 Introduction to Digital Marketing World
02 Graphic Designing
03 Video Creation and Ideology
04 Email Marketing
05 Website Designing
06 Landing Page Creation
07 Social Media Content and Strategy
08 Social Media Ads
09 Google Ads Fundamentals

Why Choose Us?

At Designient, it’s a 1.5-month part-time basic course where we teach to turn you into an advanced digital marketer who has learned how to leverage search engines, social networks, pay-per-click, acquisition, digital research, and web, internet, and e-mail. You can track your digital marketing career easily with our practical training approach.