Music Production Pro

Learn how music works, make beats with like-minded people and express yourself

About This Course

Take this course to gain supreme confidence in your musical potential. Here you’ll learn to become an all-round musician, and leave the course with practical experience – ready to enjoy your journey as a passionate artist!

Technicality is only one aspect of musicality. The other – and arguably equally important to the art – is mindset and approach. In your course you’ll learn both, in a comfortable environment suited to grow your skills .

Join now and experience comprehensive, dynamic classes with like-minded batchmates, all from the comfort of your home.

Why choose a career in Music?

There is no question that Music is one of the most exciting fields in the world. In 2020, the sheer diversity of jobs and roles you can get within the music industry is mind-boggling. From front-stage as a musician, to backstage as a producer, sound engineer, event promoter, vlogger, music marketing expert, artist manager or curator – the list goes on.

Music opens up doors for abundant rewards along your journey –

  • Travel to new and delightful places for gigs, all expenses paid for.
  • Meet new people from around the world and make friends.
  • Earn your living doing what delights you.
  • Take part in and enjoy exciting festivals and events.
  • Let the world discover your most passionate projects.
  • Be your own boss and choose work that has meaning for you.
  • In this Industry, uniqueness is handsomely rewarded.

What You'll Learn?

Prepare to enjoy making music that expresses your every emotion, and move your audience’s heart and feet.

  • Music Theory Fundamentals that leave you feeling 100x creative.
  • Everything you need to be an all-round musician.
  • How to Make a beat from scratch without the need to know how to play an instrument?
  • How to make a beat the Classic Hip Hop way via Sampling?
  • How sound Works?
  • How to recreate your favourite tracks using only the mouse and keyboard?
  • What makes Music, Music?
  • How to go from an idea to a polished song or beat?
  • The all important EQing and Mixing.
  • A Practical Process that is simple, flexible and broadens your creativity

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Who should take Music Production Pro course?

Anyone who loves music and dreams to share their own creations with the world. No prior experience required here! All you need is passion and curiosity.

This course also works well for musicians who want to brush up on the fundamentals of music, to infuse a freshness into their day-to-day process.

Course Highlights

01 Music Theory Fundamentals + How Sound Works
02 The 12 Pitch Palette
03 Scales + Keyboard Basics
04 How to make different Chord types
05 Chord Progressions & Extensions
06 Meter and Syncopation
07 Deep Listening + Song Analysis
08 Anatomy of a Song
09 Drum Patterns
10 Piano Sketches
11 Recreating Popular songs to understand the process
12 Sampling
13 Chopping Samples + Warping Audio
14 Arrangement
15 Recording Audio
16 Audio FX Essentials
17 Portfolio Assistance
18 Mixing Essentials
19 Making your own beats
20 Collaboration
21 Supervised Practicals

Course Benefits

  • Works with any DAW on any platform. MAC/PC, iOS and Android or other proprietary music OS.
  • Gain supreme creative confidence, and a comfortable understanding of music fundamentals, without prior music experience!
  • Develop a thriving creative Mindset, which is a highly rare skill.
  • Get familiar with day-to-day tools you will need on your way to becoming a world class producer.
  • A limited online or offline batch of up to 10 students only. This is how we maintain an international quality standard while providing sufficient individual attention to each of our students.
  • Every single class is recorded live enabling you to keep track of all your classes easily. It also enables online members to connect with the offline batch virtually in real-time.
  • Gain practical experience by making music during supervised practical classes.
  • Opens up vast career opportunities to be a Producer, a Live Musician, an Audio Engineer or other exciting music related roles.
  • Personal Mentoring – Navigating as a beginner can be tough. Get advice on how to get gigs, approach clients, how to charge for your services, how to grow your skills, how to turn a passion into a business, how to approach collaborators.
  • Meet like-minded people and learn how to approach collaboration meaningfully.
  • Understand what you need in terms of equipment, plug-ins and things to make your own authentic sound.
  • Learn a flexible and inclusive music making process that will serve you for a lifetime.
  • Learn to Express Yourself as an artist.

Why Choose Us?

Our mentors are original, centre-stage artists, who know how to rock crowds both large and intimate! This direct and immediate connection with the audience allows us to cultivate confidence in our students, by teaching them how to create their own unique and relatable sound – whether Live or via music releases.

Our students are helped to develop a resilient, thriving and joyful creative mindset, which is a rare skill indeed. Our faculty is highly driven, constantly advancing via practical experience, voracious reading and translating knowledge from other art-forms.

Our learning advisors are consummate professionals and are beloved artists in their community, who have been featured in national magazines such as Rolling Stone India. Apply Now to be part of a vibrant environment that simplifies your career path.