Success Stories

I was so confused to find a proper foundation that can welcome me to the world of UI and UX, but Thanks to Sameer who made my decision so much easier. The first day I met him I was more than convinced to join Designient, now that I have successfully completed a fun-filled and a very productive and focused syllabus and have achieved my Adobe certificate, I would like to thank and suggest the rest of you, creative weirdos, to join Designient if you are interested in pursuing UI and UX as a career. I loved the experience and Sameer's way of interactive teaching style. Was worth it.

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Apoorva Khadri

UX/UI Mentor, SkillSynth T&C

A good place to learn the UI/UX Design course, they take care of your design work from the beginning to the end. Super cool mentor for the beginners in the UI/UX fields.

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Sabari Kumar

UX/UI Intern, Designient Labs

Great place for learning UI/UX. Very interactive and special attention given to all students. Great mentors and very useful for anyone who is interested in learning UI/UX or even design.

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Arpita Dhir

Graphic Designer, Ola

I'm very grateful to Designient School for enlightening me with all the pros and cons, as I begin my journey in the field of designing. This place is indeed the best for learning and evolving as a designer if you're searching for yourself to be known as someone great in the field of Design. Please prefer Designient School.

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Lubna Fathima

UX/UI Designer, Spaneous Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Best place to learn UI UX design from scratch. Very friendly environment.I'm very grateful to be a part of this institute that enlightened me with my new found passion.

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Sundarapandi M

UX/UI Designer, Lystloc Inc.

I’m lucky to have been guided by Designient and it has been a great experience. Their mentors are gifted with a rare combination of patience, spunk, and research skills and they're definitely someone I would look up to to collaborate with as they're exceptional and got amazing teaching skills who develops inspiring relationships with their students.

Jayashree Babu

UX Designer, Mercedez Benz R&D India

They know how to guide you to reach goals and fly beyond. I got two of my friends learnt there and are successful now. Designient is One design school that's keenly focusing on quality than anything else.

Priya Sridaran

UX Analyst,

I believe 'Designient School' is a great place to start if you really want to make your career in UI/UX. Though you get free content to learn anything online, it is always a pleasure to have a helping mentor by your side. Mentors at Designient school are fabulous. Happy Designing.

Harish Mallemala

UX/UI Designer, Freelance

Designient school is way different than others out there. No matter whatsoever experience you come from or whether you're just a fresher, there's always something to learn from Designient about design and a lot of personality development facts too. Sameer sir was my mentor and he is the best you can ask for as his patience and teaching style will give you an in-depth understanding about the concepts. If you wish to develop a new skill and nurture it, Designient is the place for you. !

Vivek Sinha

UX/UI Designer, Social Neeti