Apps have changed everything, and making that possible are the UX/UI Designers behind them. We’re not surprised then, that companies and entrepreneurs worldwide are racing to pick up the best UX/UI specialists. There’s money to be made. Lots of it.

Our 3 months duration Giant Course primes you for a fulfilling career in UX/UI Design, immersing you in a thorough, practical learning experience. Join this special course, and you get to build your own app and website from scratch, to begin your portfolio!

The icing on the cake – take this course and be Adobe Certified.

01. What is Design?

02. UCD & HCD

03. Concept Brainstorming

04. Affordance, Signifiers and Metaphors

05. Personas and Mind Mapping

06. Mental Models

07. Information Architecture

08. Card Sorting

09. iOS Guidelines

10. Balsamiq for Lo-Fi Wireframes

11. Color Theory & Typography

12. XD or Sketch for Hi-Fi (iOS only)

13. Illustrator for Icon Editing

14. Visual Design iOS (XD or Sketch)

15. Android Guidlines

16. iOS to Android Conversion

17. InVsion Prototype

18. Heuristic Analysis

19. Usability Testing

20. Zeplin Class

01. Sketch App

02. Adobe XD

03. Adobe Illustrator

04. Balsamiq

05. InVision

06. Zeplin

07. UserTesting