Crafting Masterminds

Choose what you believe in and become part of our global creative family.

Career-focused, passion-driven yet affordable courses, Designient® School Of Masterminds is the home for creative enthusiasts from all over the world who want to learn what they’re passionate about and expand their boundaries as a professional. Since 2016, We have successfully crafted careers for over 350+ students. We believe in delivering expert-level live practical mentoring in a limited batch. We are also partnered with Adobe and Google to offer our students career-friendly certifications.

Quality curriculum, instruction, and innovation in creative education, and most tellingly, earned an unprecedented 92% student satisfaction rate in recent years. Our students emerge with a portfolio of professional work—cultivated by critical feedback from highly qualified, super-friendly mentors leading them to evolve progressively in anything they choose to learn.
Our current courses are in various domains like UI/UX Design, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Music Production, and Digital Marketing and we are looking forward to expanding into various creative domains.




Why Designient?

Outstanding mentors
Our mentors are not just your teachers but also are your advisors and therapists who put their efforts, hard work, and experience to build your career.

A practical approach
We provide a project-based learning environment, emphasizing active student participation and immediate feedback.

Live recorded sessions
You can encounter an unrivalled learning experience where all the sessions are recorded for your reference.

Always connected
Gain access to stay connected with your mentors and don’t let any query or doubt be left unanswered.

Through 2025 the goal of Designient® is to be the renowned education institute from India enabling the best education format and teach with smarter ways worldwide.
We need the support of individuals like you: committed, passionate and skilled persons who wish to change the functioning of education. We want you to shout out if you have a big vision and a passion to share knowledge.