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Take a road to kickstart your career as a UI UX designer with 14 weeks of Adobe certification course.


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About The 14 Weeks - UI UX Design Pro Course

UI UX Design is a forthcoming design specialization building loads of interest concerning the dynamic world. Since many products and more businesses are trying to thrive, UI UX has become their savior; UI UX design is quickly becoming a popular career choice in design specialization.

An aesthetically great-looking design can’t save an interface that’s messy and hard to understand. A thoroughly researched user experience can also go to a bin if its visuals are flawed and unsatisfying product usage. Both UI and UX designs need to be attempted to sync well with user expectancies to create an outstanding UI UX. Our 14 Weeks – UI UX design course in Bangalore and Hyderabad teaches you to understand their processes, tools, and differences.

We teach UI UX Design Courses Online & Offline that provide you with the latest research methods, creative skills, and visual design knowledge.

What You'll Learn?

  • Get prepared to dip your toes into an ocean of concepts and ideas that will enlighten your perspective on the human-computer interaction experience.
  • Practicing the design thinking methods and strategies that drive successful products. Learn how UI UX fits into your team’s workflow.
  • Gain knowledge of UI UX design terminology and valuable tips and resources. 
  • Hands-on exercises include research, personas, scenarios, card sorting, information architecture, prototyping, user flows, and user testing. 
  • Practicing your collaboration, brainstorming, and sketching skills.

Who should take a UI UX design course?

User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI) is meant for everyone, whether you’re entirely a beginner or a working professional like a graphic or web designer, web developer, or none.

People in strategic client-facing roles, like project/product managers, strategists, and consultants, are also an excellent fit for our UI UX design school in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

What makes UI UX Design so valuable to companies?

When implemented well, UI UX design keeps users engaged with a website, increasing their likelihood of converting into customers. UI UX goes beyond appealing visuals to create a customer journey that encourages users to explore products or navigate web pages to achieve their goals. 

The success of any business with an online presence depends on having a great user experience that provides customers with what they want when they want it.

Course Highlights

Module 01Introduction to UX/UI4 Hours
1Intro to UX/UI and Course Overview2
2User-Centered Design & Design Thinking Basics2
Module 02User Research and Discovery10 Hours
3Product Discovery Process2
4Field Studies and Contextual Inquiry3
5Mental Models and Personas3
6User Flows & Journey Maps2
Module 03Design Principles and Concepts10 Hours
7Affordance, Metaphors, and Signifiers2
8Color Psychology and Typography3
9Information Architecture2
10Human Interface Guidelines (iOS & iPadOS)3
Module 04Wireframing and Hi-Fidelity Design14 Hours
11Lo-fidelity Wireframes2
12Hi-fidelity Wireframes using Adobe XD and Figma4
13Icon Editing using Illustrator3
14Latest UI Trends with Examples2
15User Interface Design for iOS3
Module 05Platform Specific Design8 Hours
16Material Guidelines for Android2
17Adapting iOS Design to Android2
18Designing for Multiple Platforms4
Module 06Prototyping and Advanced Interactions10 Hours
19Prototyping using Figma4
20Advanced Prototyping with Animations6
Module 07Usability and Testing8 Hours
21Usability Testing & Heuristics Analysis4
22Effective Design Presentations2
23Portfolio Assistance2
Module 08Career Development8 Hours
24Freelance vs. Job Opportunities2
25Job Assistance and Networking2
26Resume Building and Interview Preparation2
27Adobe Certification Exam Preparation2
Module 09Final Projects and Assessment8 Hours
28Final Project Presentation and Assessment8
Total Duration:112 Hours in 3.5 Months

Course Benefits

To prepare our students for their careers. We schedule our students for interviews with around 10 to 14 companies to their profiles and the available job openings.

  • Intensive Portfolio building assistance for Behance, Dribbble (shots), and tips to build your website.
  • Gain practical experience by making two concepts of your own during the course, which will be discussed with the whole batch in a brainstorming session.
  • Learn all the latest tools applicable to your course.
  • Get certified by Adobe after writing an exam conducted post your course and get a certificate of completion from us, verified online on our website.
  • Lifetime support from any of our mentors for any query you may have throughout your career.
  • A limited online or offline batch of up to 10 students only. This is how we maintain an international quality standard while providing sufficient individual attention to our students.
  • Every class is recorded live, enabling you to track all your classes easily. It also enables online members to connect with offline batches virtually in real-time.
  • Career Assistance

  • Mock Interviews

  • Interview Techniques

  • Placement Options

  • Portfolio Building

  • Adobe Certification

  • Lifetime Support

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  • Excellent Career Opportunities and Prospects

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  • Opportunity to become a better designer

  • Make end user's lives better

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