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About the UI/UX Pro Course

UX/UI Design is the cornerstone of our digital world, shaping the way we interact with websites, apps, and software. It’s about crafting seamless, user-centric experiences, that are intuitive and engaging. As the demand for skilled UX designers has skyrocketed, career prospects are vast for those with the right skills.

Join our beginner’s course and delve into vital topics: from user research for apps to wireframing for software and prototyping interactive designs. Guided by our seasoned instructors, you’ll also prepare to become Adobe certified, a recognized credential in the design world.

Enroll now and be at the forefront of design innovation.

Total Effort

124 Hours


3 Months



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Live Mentor

What You'll Learn

Tools You'll Learn

Who Can Join This Course


Go from graduate to in-demand UI/UX professional with our course. This is a field where creativity meets lucrative opportunity, shaping compelling digital experiences that pave your way to a rewarding and dynamic career. Embark on a journey where every pixel crafted is a step towards your prosperous future in the vibrant world of design.

Design Lovers

Dive into the design realm where your passion meets purpose. Our course is a playground for your imagination, catering to those who breathe design. It's more than learning; it's about experiencing design, honing your innate skills, and crafting interfaces that resonate. Join us, and let's paint the digital world with your creativity.

Career Shifters

Contemplating a career pivot? Our course is your gateway to the vibrant UI/UX domain. It's crafted for the bold, the curious, and the aspiring, ready to infuse their professional journey with creativity and innovation. Transform your curiosity into expertise, your ambition into achievement, and your career into a testament of continual growth.

01. Orientation & UI/UX Introduction

  • Orientation program.
  • What is UI/UX?
  • Good vs Bad UX
  • Tools Installations
  • Premium Bonuses worth $2499.00+ as welcome reward.

02. Prompt Engineering Masterclass

  • Prompt Engineering on ChatGPT 4.
  • Generative AI basics
  • Learn 30+ best AI tools to use for UI/UX Designers

03. Design Thinking Practicals

  • What is Design Thinking?
  • Brainstorming with batch and AI
  • Concept Finalisation
  • Effective concept structuring
  • A high value secret bonus unlocks as Week 2 reward.

04. Affordance, Signifiers and Metaphors

  • What is affordance ?
  • What is signifier?
  • Types of Metaphors

05. Field Studies

  • What is Field Studies and it's types.
  • Integrating AI in field studies research
  • Field Study interview techniques
  • Bonus well crafted templates for field studies documentation as Week 3 reward

06. Persona Building

  • What is Persona?
  • Types of Personas
  • Personas generation via Interviews & GPT
  • Understanding consent forms and templates

07. Information Architecture

  • What is Information Architecture ?
  • Understanding IA Types
  • Card Sorting Exercise
  • Classroom practical on FigJam
  • Bonus templates and SOPs to create high quality personas as Week 4 reward

08. Human Interface Guidelines

  • Guidelines for iOS, iPadOS and WatchOS.
  • Design System in Figma

09. Learn Figma Pro + ProtoPie

  • Basic to Pro Figma Sessions
  • Design System for Figma Project
  • ProtoPie for Advance animation technique

10. Design Your iOS, iPadOS & WatchOS App

  • Color Theory and Psychology Masterclass
  • Color Palettes brainstorm session
  • Icon Design on Adobe Illustrator.
  • Latest UI trends to Apply
  • Live practical on UI Design in iOS,iPadOS and WatchOS
  • List of 30+ best plugins to use in Figma for your project as week 6 reward bonus.

11. Material Design Guidelines - Android

  • Guidelines for Android
  • Understanding Material Color Palette
  • Live practical on iOS to Android conversion
  • Generative AI components
  • High value bonus product designs based on Material Design system as examples for reference as Week 7 reward.

12. Web Design Tutorials

  • Responsive and Adaptive Grid Systems.
  • Photoshop for Photo Optimisation
  • Live Practical on building landing page
  • Dashboard design using Adaptive Technique

13. Portfolio Design Session

  • Tips and Tricks to compile engaging portfolio
  • Copywriting technique using GPT
  • Understanding Behance, Dribbble and Medium
  • Advanced Prototype animation on AfterEffects

14. Portfolio Design Review

  • Review and corrections to upload on Behance, Medium & Dribbble
  • Portfolio Promotion Strategy on Social Media

15. Resume & LinkedIn

  • Resume Building session
  • LinkedIn All-Star Profile building

16. Adobe Exam Preparation

  • Adobe Exam Preparation
  • Adobe Exam Mock Papers to Prepare solved by Mentor

17. Soft Skills Training Week

  • Individual Soft Skills Assessment
  • Soft Skills Workshop.

18. Mock Interviews

  • Intense Individual Mock Interview Practise.
  • Placement Drives and walk-ins follows until you are placed.

Course Benefits

  • Great For Beginners: No design experience? No Problem
  • Learn from Experts: Industry pros teach the latest skills
  • Hands-On Learning: Practical assignments and group exercises
  • Lifetime Mentorship: You can always rely on our guidance
  • Job Assistance: Mock Interviews, Resume Building, Placement Drives
  • Portfolio Building: Under the expert guidance of your Mentors
  • Easy Recaps: Every class is recorded live - access them any time
  • Stay Updated: Always current with the latest design techniques
  • Career Shift Support: Transition into design, no matter your background

Customise Your Path

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30% OFF
  • <strong>Complete Course</strong>
  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Job Assistance
  • Portfolio Building
  • Lifetime Mentorship
  • Adobe Certification
  • Prompt Engineering Masterclass
  • Figma Pro 1 Year Subscription <strong>worth ₹ 12,000/- FREE</strong>
  • 60% Off on Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription (Optional)
  • Video Recaps
  • <s>Guaranteed Internship</s>
  • <s>Special Soft Skills Seminar by Experts</s>
  • <s>Exclusive List of 100+ AI Tools</s>
  • <s>Proto Pie Pro 1 Year Subscription worth ₹ 66,000/- <strong>FREE</strong></s>
  • <s>Advanced 101 Counselling Sessions</s>
  • <s>Curated Box of 5 Design Books</s>
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30% OFF
  • <strong>Complete Course</strong>
  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Job Assistance
  • Portfolio Building
  • Lifetime Mentorship
  • Adobe Certification
  • Prompt Engineering Masterclass
  • Figma Pro 1 Year Subscription <strong>worth ₹ 12,000/- FREE</strong>
  • 60% Off on Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription (Optional)
  • Video Recaps
  • <strong>Guaranteed Internship</strong>
  • Special Soft Skills Seminar by Experts
  • Exclusive List of 100+ AI Tools
  • Proto Pie Pro 1 Year Subscription worth ₹ 66,000/- <strong>FREE</strong>
  • Advanced 101 Counselling Sessions
  • Curated Box of 5 Design Books
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Bonuses worth ₹40,137/- Free!

  • The Complete ‘UI/UX Designer Starter Kit’ worth ₹14,569/-

    Everything you need to get started and get paid, all in one neat package. Premium Fonts, Design Templates, Contract Templates, Icons and Free AI Tools included! Save months of time!

  • The Complete ‘Design Systems Starter Kit’ with ₹4,482/-

    Have the results of an experienced professional, while being a Fresher! Premium Drag-and-Drop Assets and Components with pre-defined Style Guides. Save weeks of work!

  • The ‘Get-Hired-Instantly’ Interview Training worth ₹9257/-

    Impress the Interviewer before you even say a word! Intensive, Confidence Transforming Interview Training from Communications Experts.

  • The 2x Faster ‘Superior Portfolio Building’ Blueprint worth ₹5,681/-

    Build a better portfolio 2x Faster with half the effort. Real-Time Expert Guidance, Premium Readymade Templates, Cheat Sheets and more!

  • The ‘Instantly Stand-Out’ Resumé Building Masterclass worth ₹3183/-

    No more worries about the competition. Personal Attention from Communication Specialists to build a Strong, Distinct Resumé that’ll impress the Recruiter.

  • The ‘Adobe Exam Made Easy’ Shortcut worth ₹2965 /-

    Ace the exam like you designed it yourself! Exclusive Access to Learning Materials that you can’t get anywhere else.

Fee Payment Plans

Upfront Payment with Discount

Pay upfront and save 3% on your course fee.For Example :

You chose Pro with Internship Course worth ₹ 79,999/-

Slot Booking : ₹ 5000/-

Discount 3% : ₹ 2249.97

You Pay : ₹ 79,999/- ₹ 77,749/-

2, 3 and 4 Installment Plans

Pay for your course in 2, 3 or 4 equal installments.


Two Installment Plan :


Payment 1 is due 48 hours prior to the batch start date.


Payment 2 is due before day 60 of your course.



Three Installment Plan :


Payment 1 is due 48 hours prior to the batch start date.


Payment 2 is due before day 30 of your course.


Payment 3 is due before day 60 of your course.


Four Installment Plan :


Payment 1 is due 48 hours prior to the batch start date.


Payment 2 is due before day 30 of your course.


Payment 3 is due before day 60 of your course.


Payment 4 is due before day 90 of your course.

Credit Card EMIs

Students or their legal guardians with Credit Cards from reputable banks such as HDFC, Axis, ICICI, Kotak, SBI etc can avail 6, 9 or 12 month EMI options.

Please Note : Interest will be applied as per bank policies.
Designient Pro Certificate

Be Industry Ready with Our Certification

Be an Adobe Experience Designer (AXD): This certification is for individuals who want to prove their expertise in Adobe software. To become an AXD, one has to pass an exam that tests knowledge of the particular Adobe tool they’re specialising in.

Why is the AXD certification valuable?

1. Industry Recognition: Being an AXD demonstrates a recognized level of proficiency with Adobe tools.

2. Skill Verification: It offers potential employers or clients verification of your skills.

3. Career Advancement: Certification can be a distinguishing factor in job applications and promotions.

Why Choose a Career in UI/UX Design?

High Demand

As businesses shift online, the need for skilled designers grows.

Lucrative Salaries

The field often offers competitive compensation.


Every project presents a chance to innovate and create.

Problem Solving

Designers address real-world user problems, making the role fulfilling.

Continuous Learning

The digital landscape evolves, ensuring designers always adapt.

Diverse Oppurtunities

Work in various sectors, from tech to healthcare or finance.

Impactful Work

Directly influence user satisfaction and business success.


Potential for freelance work, remote positions, or in-house roles.

Interdisciplinary Field

Blend of psychology, design, technology, and business.


Work closely with developers, marketers, and product managers.

Growth Potential

As the field matures, there are increasing roles in leadership.

Global Relevance

UI/UX design principles are universal, allowing for opportunities worldwide.

What will I learn in this UI/UX course?

You'll learn the fundamentals of user experience and user interface design, from user research to prototyping and final visual design presentation on Behance and Medium.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our course caters to both beginners and those with some prior knowledge, ensuring everyone builds a strong foundation in UI/UX

Do I need a design background?

No, this course is structured to help individuals from any background understand and excel in UI/UX design.

What tools will we use during the course?

We'll explore industry-standard tools such as Figma, ProtoPie, ChatGPT, AfterEffects etc.

Is there hands-on experience involved?

Yes! Our course emphasizes practical application with real-world projects and exercises to build your portfolio.

How long is the course?

Our UI/UX design courses span over 3 months for the Pro Course to 9 months for the Master Course, with regular classes and hands-on sessions with gauranteed placement assistance.

Do you provide placements?

We have a guaranteed placement assistance, meaning we are with you till you are placed.

Begin Your Course Now!

Whether you’re a fresher or are looking to change your career, you’re in the right place.Being a UI/UX Designer is a rewarding career full of Creativity, Learning and Making Lives Better.The Industry is rapidly rising and is ready to accept you into its fold.

Are you ready?